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Billy Smith







           Free Range is an independent Southern Psychedelic Rock band from Athens, AL comprised of drummer Jeremy Drawbaugh, bassist Seth Facundo, and vocalist and guitarist Billy Smith.

           The band got its start in 2013 performing out and around the North Alabama Music Scene. As the depths of their sets and fans deepened over the years, they fixed their focus on forging their own brand of original music. After years of development practicing and performing the once robust catalog of the classic rock category, with a few crowd pleasers along the way, the band’s creative collective began to flow its way through to the recording medium.

           With Free Range’s 2017 release of their Hippie Cowboy EP, the band showcased the tones and textures of their origins. The five songs present on this effort represent the basics of Free Range’s core aesthetic, Southern Rock, and gave the band a stepping stone to begin spreading their influence through social media and online stores alike. For the 2 years since, the band has been prolifically writing, recording, and producing their self-titled debut album independently. The full-length LP promises to catapult their sound past the traditional boundaries of their Southern Rock roots, and into the intricately imaginative terrain of the Progressive Psychedelic genre. Set for release in Fall 2019, Free Range’s debut album is assured to give their fans just what they been waiting for!

           Today, Free Range’s focus is fixed on the support, fine-tuning, and completion of their aforementioned debut album by preparing to bring their potently powerful performances to the masses, and broadening their radius of influence to even more events and venues within the Southern states of the U.S.


TOOL, Widespread Panic, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Brad Paisley, Lynrd Skynrd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Radio Head, The Mars Volta, Primus, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, STS9, Prophets of Rage/Against The Machine, Run The Jewels...


Independently writing/recording/producing our own music, as well as growing our performances in as many facets as we can. With this we hold out hope that we can catalyze others to think for themselves and question everything from multiple angles with logic and reason opposed to tradition and habit.

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